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Parenting Workshop
Get a Grip on Your Tween and Teen's Technology
With Parenting Expert and Best-Selling Amazon Author of 
"SOS! The Technology Guidebook for Parents of Tweens and Teens: Get The Answers You Need, Keep Them Safe and Enjoy Your Kids Again"
Tuesday  November 19th,  2019 / 7PM CST
*Workshop Recording Available!
Tuesday, November 19th / 7pm CST
Live Workshop, Teens and Tech PDF Bundle and Live Q&A! Workshop will be recorded*
What You'll Learn During This FREE Workshop
How To Keep Our Kids Safe In Our Digital World
Resources, tools and information to protect your kids and help to keep them safe.

Gain Clarity Around Your Rules and Expectations
We will provide you with information and guidance to gain clarity around your rules and expectations, and you will leave with an action plan to implement in your home.

How To Have The Important Conversations
The most important thing you can do to prevent your child from making mistakes online is by having conversations about it. You will learn how to talk to your child and how to be a safe place where they feel like they open up.
Is Screentime Screamtime at your house? Are you tired of fighting?

Are your kids always glued to their phones and nobody’s talking?

You’re worried about what they’re being exposed to but unsure how to protect them.

You want to throw your son’s gaming device out the window!

If you’re wanting to yell, “Hell YES!” this FREE workshop is for you! 
Our Workshops Are Different! 
Your Q&A is Directly with Sheryl Gould, Parenting Expert and Author of 
"SOS! The Technology Guidebook for Parents of Tweens and Teens: Get The Answers You Need, Keep Them Safe and Enjoy Your Kids Again"
Tuesday, November 19th / 7pm CST
About Your Host
Sheryl Gould is a Parenting Expert, Author, and Founder of Moms of Tweens and Teens, a national organization that has grown to over 30,000 in the last two years.
We know that raising adolescents in today’s world isn’t easy. There are many complex challenges that we all face and often we can feel alone, hiding our feelings of frustration, guilt and anxiety. 

Here at Moms of Tweens and Teens we want you to know that you’re not alone. 
We believe that mothers are heroes and have the most important job in the world, and because of that, it’s our mission to provide you with the support and appreciation you need and deserve.

Moms of Tweens and Teens provides a compassionate and non-judgmental place to share your challenges and ask questions.

We know that when moms support moms amazing things do happen - it produces a ripple effect that transforms lives and impacts whole families. 

About the Book

Has Screentime become Screamtime at your house?

Are you exhausted from arguing, yelling, and nagging when it comes to your tween and teen’s technology?

Are you overwhelmed and stressed about keeping your kids safe from inappropriate content, strangers, cyber-bullying or sexting?

Do you long to restore sanity and face to face time in your home?

Here’s the SOS Guidebook that you’ve been waiting for!

You will find…

Answers to your common questions, challenges, and frustrations
Steps to take together to decide limits and rules that align with your values
Practical strategies and tools to navigate the tough conversations
The best programs to manage your kids time on devices and the content they’re exposed to (including apps, YouTube channels, inappropriate sites and more)
Discover simple ideas to create balance as a family and have more fun

Restore sanity, get on the same page and improve your relationship with your tween or teen! Become their trusted guide who they will go to when they have an issue, question or problem!
Available on Amazon HERE.

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